Absolute Chocolate was founded at the beginning of 2014 with the idea of providing Kenyans with a real artisan chocolate experience.
With the continuously growing and trend setting of the food scene in Kenya, Absolute Chocolate Limited introduces itself to satisfy the market that appreciates an artisanal touch to chocolate.
With each piece being handcrafted and given personal attention, they bring you quality products to satisfy and cheer you up. “We work on every piece individually ensuring that whatever you pick will have had a chocolatiers mind set to impress you” says their chocolatier.
Absolute Chocolate now introduces The Chocolate Bar, which is the brand name for the new line of chocolate bars and subsequently the name of the new chocolate cafe/ food market scene at the Village Market. “We will now be expanding our product lines to other delicious and decadent chocolate treats” says the owner. They will be serving up hot and cold beverages along with exciting new chocolate and cocoa products. The Chocolate Bar by Absolute Chocolate will be a place for people of all ages to enjoy everything chocolate. We will also have a line of dairy free vegan chocolate items on the menu. Watch out for the best chocolate handcrafted in Kenya!!